Benchmark Plumbing: Top-Notch Work, Reasonable Prices

Plumbing Installation
& Repair

Trouble with your toilet, sink, or faucet? Leaking pipes? We can solve your problems. Frozen pipes or faulty sump pump? We can handle it. If you want a new laundry hookup, or a utility sink, or shower, or you’re getting a dishwasher, we’re here for you. If your garbage disposal suddenly becomes unhappy, we can cheer it up. Call Benchmark Plumbing and Rodding!

Water Heater Replacement
& Repair

When the hot water in your house misbehaves, things can get ugly quickly. Whether it’s too hot, not hot enough, discolored, or (God forbid) smelly, Benchmark Plumbing and Rodding can find the source of the problem. If we can fix the water heater, we will, and if we can’t, we’ll be with you through the whole process of replacement. We will haul away the old one and stay until the new one is tested.

Sewer & Drain

A house’s plumbing and sewer system are a little like a person’s circulatory system. Over time, those veins and arteries can get clogged up. You can call it rodding or rooting or snaking, but whatever you call it, professionals can spin sharp-toothed bits at the end of long, flexible metal cables to ream out obstructions in pipes. Or the solution to a clog might be high-pressure hydro-jetting. Don’t worry, we’ll deal with it.