Benchmark Plumbing: Top-Notch Work, Reasonable Prices

Here at Benchmark Plumbing and Rodding, we don’t do new construction, but we do install and repair all kinds of plumbing. So, if you want a new laundry hookup, or a utility sink, or shower, or you’re getting a dishwasher, we’re here for you. If your garbage disposal suddenly becomes unhappy, we can cheer it up.

We’re going to fix what we can, and recommend you replace only when necessary. We aren’t going to try to upsell you something you don’t really need. We’re going to get things running, and we’re going to do it with quality parts and service, in a timely manner, and leave things clean behind us. And we back everything we do with our warranty.

Our Plumbing Service Areas

  • Toilets

    Maybe your existing toilet just needs a new float valve, or maybe you want to install a low-flow, or something new and less unsightly than what you used to have. We’re happy to help you out.

  • Sinks

    Maybe that new toilet matches a new sink that you want as part of a bathroom remodelling, or maybe your old one just needs a little TLC. Call on Benchmark Plumbing and Rodding.

  • Faucets

    Or maybe that sink has a faucet that’s suddenly started leaking and needs a little fixing. Or maybe you’ve decided that old thing really needs to be replaced. We can fix your existing faucet in most cases, or install a new one for you.

  • Pipes

    It’s just possible that beneath that faucet, in the cabinet, you’ve noticed a little leaking, or maybe more than just a little. Or maybe you’ve dropped your engagement ring or car keys down there. The experts at Benchmark Plumbing can take care of it for you in no time. Hardly anything is worse than having your pipes freeze up in the dead of night when the days are short, and if they burst it can be catastrophic. Benchmark Plumbing will help you out of your jam, and they’ll get your pipes properly insulated to prevent it happening again. Or, if you have concerns, you might want to call them to take a look ahead of time.

  • Sump Pumps

    When your basement begins to flood, your last line of defense is your sump pump. If it’s not up to snuff, it’s an unpleasant surprise. Give Benchmark Plumbing a call, and they’ll replace it for you with a high-quality unit that will last for years.