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A house’s plumbing and sewer system are a little like a person’s circulatory system. Over time, those veins and arteries can get clogged up. It may come as a surprise to the homeowner whose shower suddenly decides that it doesn’t want to drain, but years of soap scum mingled with hair have built up gradually to bring about this minor disaster. This is particularly true in pre-1980s constructions.


On the other hand, pipes can be suddenly clogged in other ways. Maybe something that shouldn’t be flushed got flushed down the toilet, or maybe something that the manufacturers insist is flushable really shouldn’t be flushed, such as sanitary wipes or certain feminine hygiene products. In any case, you want the clog taken care of quickly and effectively.

Our Process - Your Options

  • Rodding, Rooting, or Snaking

    You can call it rodding or rooting or snaking, but whatever you call it, professionals can spin sharp-toothed bits at the end of long, flexible metal cables to ream out obstructions in pipes. The bits are fitted to the interior circumference of the pipe in order to scour away whatever build-up or other obstruction may be in there once a water flow is re-introduced into the pipe.

  • High-Pressure Hydro-Jetting

    Or the solution to a clog might be high-pressure hydro-jetting. A pulse of water from 3500 psi to 4500 psi is sent down a pipe with specialized equipment to demolish a clog. Because there is no solid-to-solid material contact, this often prevents damage to pipes. On the other hand, it’s possible that if a pipe is not durable enough, it could be damaged by the pressure. The experts at Benchmark Plumbing and Rodding will take everything into account.

  • Least Invasive Solutions

    Either method is much less invasive than having to take out the affected length of pipe and fit something new in its place, though sometimes that might be necessary still, especially in cases of old construction. In newer construction, there is generally an outside access port to the sewer line that can help solve tricky obstructions, such as tree roots. Benchmark Plumbing and Rodding can help you with your backed up septic system, too.